What is Sandiago Tourism Marketing District?

Sandiago Tourism Marketing District is also known well as SDTMD provides you lodging business. It is one of the attempts for City of San Diego in order to increase the tourism record. The goal is to increase the hotel room night stays. This business allows you to join and work together.

What is Sandiago Tourism Marketing District


In order to join with SDTMD, all lodging business will be assessed and they will fund programs or services as the best way to increase the room night stays. This way is expected to increase the economic in the city itself. The program that will be the prior for SDTMD is related to new room night sales, marketing business, tourist promotion events or special events and programs to fund.

By having cooperation with SDTMD, the member of lodging business could create measurable yet strong results about contributing more visitors to visit San Diego.

Since this program is designed to improve the room occupancy yet the room night sales, there are some rules that have been formed. First of all, all funds cannot be relocated for other programs done by government. Second of all, the fund itself will be spent to give specific benefit for the contributors, those who pay. The last of all, funds will be the stable source for tourism promotion for Sandiago Tourism Marketing District.

Since it is formed through public-private partnership, it means that this business will involve the local government and the business in the district itself. All funds will be managed by nonprofit corporation which is a little bit like destination marketing organization. The marketing programs are designed in order to raise the awareness of sponsorships, destinations and other special events to attract overnight visitors.

In order to manage this business, there is some management plans applied. By using management plan, it will provide all information about the history and the purpose of this business itself. This management will also help funding all programs and services in SDMTD. To keep all programs and services well-managed, it is completed with procedures and policies related to governing assessments, outlines and activities. All budgets will be explained in deep review with the complete list of lodging business.

In addition, they will also provide the annual reports and report of activities as the best way to keep all communication to do this business. Even they provide case studies to know more about all issues related to Sandiago Tourism Marketing District.

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