Some Key Facts about New Orleans Marketing Coorporation

New Orleans Marketing Coorporation on November, 2014 held their meeting. This meeting was designed to evaluate their performance about promoting New Orleans as the part of national tourism destination. At that meeting, they also previewed about their marketing plans for this year and they would like to start the debut of online store to sell some branded items from New Orleans. This idea is just like “I Love New York” brand that was promoted by New York City.

Some Key Facts about New Orleans Marketing Coorporation

With this idea, it is expected that the board could push out all brands from New Orleans for their nation and at the same time to develop extra revenue sources as the best solution to gain more budget for funding all programs and services. This idea was stated by President of New Orleans Marketing Cooperation, Mark Romig at that meeting.

From that meeting, there are some key facts about their plan. First, they would like to offer official merchandise store. It is expected that all locals and visitors could go online to buy t-shirts or even tote bags as their marketing campaign. With the online purchase, the t-shirt is featured with slogans such as “Follow Your Rhythm”.

Not only that, but they also would like to use iconic symbols about New Orleans for their store. The iconic Crescent City water was chosen as the symbol or logo for their t-shirts, mouse pads, coasters and other things. To reach this goal, they work with Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans. They also reported that in revenue, there will be $13.4 million and for marketing about $6.4 million on September, last year.

To help them extending the marketing efforts with more extra, they would like to use new hotel assessment. In August, NOTMC has collected about 2.6 million for the new assessment. All hotels started for the payment in April and it was mentioned that the fund will be extended for their summer marketing campaign that will be ended in Thanksgiving to run the holiday-themed ads in some markets.

It sounds more interesting when they also ready to increase the tourism by releasing the official New Orleans Tourism Facebook page. At that meeting, the followers reached about 233,704. The key to raise the city’s profile was done by seeing picture sharing app Instagram. With this way, it reached the followers for more than 20,000.

The good news at that meeting was about the new direct flights for 2015 marketing plans. It was announced by Allegiant Air that they started offering direct flights from New Orleans to Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati and Orlando. It will give more impact for New Orleans Marketing Coorporation.

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