Chicago Tourism Statistic 2014 Best Record

Chicago Tourism Statistic 2014 – Last Year, Chicago’s tourism broke the record after the government released the date for almost 47 million of domestic visitors visited to the town and it was the best record.

Chicago Tourism Statistic 2014 Best Record

From the announcement, Choose Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanual, the arm of city’s tourism expected that there should be an increasing 1.4 million of visitors for overseas visitation which was about 3.9 percent greater compared to 2012. This report would be enough to create total visitor in 2013 for about 48.4 million.

Based on Choose Chicago, it showed that the domestic travelers spent for about $106 million for hotel tax revenue which was about 4.9 percent higher than the tax income in 2012. This increasing record made Chicago has steady tourism growth up to now. In 2011, it reached about 42.4 million of American travelers while in 2012 it reached about 45 million. The latest data, in 2013 it showed 4.4 percent higher than the previous year.

Of course, the increased visitation in Chicago later brought many improvements especially for the growth of economic. What Choose Chicago has done to gain more visitors to visit Chicago was by promoting the tourism including for television and social media. This information was stated by Don Welsh, the CEO of Choose Chicago.

On the other hands, Pat Quinn announced that in Illinois, it was up to 103.5 million of domestic visitors welcomed last year which meant it has over 4.5 percent compared to 99 million of visitors in 2012. With this increase, it helped a lot to gain more hotel-motel tax collection in 2013 that could reach over $235 million (7.2 percent increase), another best record for Chicago Tourism Statistic 2014.

Since it is known well as the third largest city in U.S.A, the population in this location is about three million people. This city is supported with 237 square miles of land with the total residents about 2,695,598. Many visitors have their visitation in this city because the various cultural institutions, museums and also historical sites. It provides you for more than 200 theaters with almost 200 galleries of art and about up to 7,300 restaurants. With more than 100 neighborhoods, it showed you 77 community areas. The lakefront in this city is 26 miles with bathing beaches about 15 miles and parades annually about 36 with lakefront bicycle path about 19 miles and it has 552 parks.

With all the increasing data records, tourism is the main prior for Emanuel, the creator of Choose Chicago. He has a big target to increase the record for about 50 million of visitors in 2020. His strategy will be about the coordinated investment and marketing. Latest report mentioned that Chicago is releasing the new marketing campaign named Chicago Epic for Chicago Tourism Statistic 2014.

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